Connecting with local suppliers

In a nutshell

The tool provides general guidelines for connecting with local suppliers in order to reduce public kitchens’ dependency on distant suppliers. The tool is also relevant in situations of disruptions in just-in-time deliveries of food items.

Necessary Steps

  1. Map the supply chain for the food items used in the public kitchen.
  2. Identify products that could be delivered by local producers (fresh and processed goods).
  3. Elaborate calls for tenders that also small producers can respond to.
  4. Identify local suppliers that can deliver with short-term notice.
  5. Train procurement staffs to communicate with local suppliers.
  6. Educate the suppliers so they can participate in the bidding process.
  7. Help local suppliers to collaborate on logistics and pooling of volumes to meet the requirements of public kitchens.
  8. Think of establishing long-term relations to local suppliers.

More Issues To Consider

  • It is recommended to do a mapping of local suppliers as part of a food strategy for a city, municipality or region. The mapping is relevant for publishing calls for tenders that are appealing to local suppliers.
  • Make sure the local suppliers can supply the requested quantities.
  • Consider also to combine this tool with other tools such as “Learning dialogue for farmers and caterers” or “Mapping organic farmers as suppliers”.

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