Networking office for healthy and sustainable meals

In a nutshell

The aim of the networking office for kindergarten and school meals is to simultaneously address health and sustainability issues. It is established to provide information, guidance, and training, and to support the sharing of experiences among relevant stakeholders involved in public meals for young people. The primary benefit of the networking office is its ability to provide a forum for coordination for a wide range of public meal stakeholders, in alignment with EU health and sustainability policies.

Necessary Steps

  • Set up the networking office as a programme, project, or new entity within your organisation.
  • For the basis of your work, identify the terms of and guidance for healthy nutrition provided by official or expert organisations.
  • Identify and connect with existing resources and stakeholders committed to healthy food, catering services, and sustainable nutrition education in day care institutions and schools.
  • Support the exchange of information, arrange regional advisory services, and promote intensive networking and the sharing of experiences among stakeholders through:
    • workshops for decision-makers;
    • consultations with school teams;
    • advanced training courses and upskilling initiatives for professionals;
    • working advice and tips on the homepage or in newsletters;
    • answering questions on the topic by telephone or via email;
    • developing further web applications or digital tools.

More Issues To Consider

  • Changes in kindergarten and school meal provision are long-term processes.
  • Building and sharing knowledge about public meals for young people, generating action towards sustainability, and forging connections with various stakeholder groups are the chief driving forces of the networking office.
  • Changes in food culture or food perceptions may take a long time.
  • The participation of all stakeholders (kindergarten and school authorities, teachers, caterers, and parents) is important in developing clear, relevant, and sustainable concepts for the supply of daily meals.

Further Information

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