School catering tackling food waste

In a nutshell

This tool consists of various measures which help catering providers and the people working in kitchens and dining halls to take action in tackling food waste. Reducing food waste is not only beneficial for the environment, but can also have economic benefits for the catering provider.

Necessary Steps

  • Measure food waste generation regularly and identify the causes of food waste (for more details, see Measuring food waste in school canteens).
  • Adjust the menu or recipes according to the leftover food.
  • Order the right amount of food products and use the First-In-First-Out system for food storage; place items with the soonest best-before or use-by dates at the front of the storage space, and put food items with the furthest dates at the back.
  • Store food under proper conditions (e.g. frozen, chilled, etc.).
  • Prepare and serve the right amount of food; use self-serving or offer smaller portions with the option to add.
  • Use leftover food items during another meal service in compliance with food safety requirements.
  • Redistribute surplus food; e.g. in cooperation with a food bank.
  • Collect biowaste in a separate container .

More Issues To Consider

To achieve the best results in reducing food waste, an integrated approach must be taken:

Further Information

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