Sharing sustainability information

In a nutshell

The tool helps to plan and make the most of communication opportunities within public procurement and catering services. This tool is about organising updates and other communications pertaining to public meals, reflecting the sustainability efforts made on-site, those in preparation, and the overall vision for sustainable meals within the organisation. Information campaigns can focus on ingredients, menus, personnel, energy and water consumption, waste reduction, and many other areas. Strategies for communication are numerous; they could take the form of topical messages delivered in printed or digital form, open-day discussions, or even demonstrations. This tool supports the dissemination of sustainability information across the calendar year, and aligns with EU strategies and policies for sustainability at large.

Necessary Steps

  • To help craft your message, make a list of sustainability aspects that are important for and related to public procurement and catering services. The list may include aspects such as balanced meals, organic food, animal welfare, plant-based food, and vegetarian, vegan and fairly traded food.
  • Your message may also include information about the origin, regional variance, and/ or quality of the food. It may include supplementary information on possible activities, such as installing solar panel, new plant-based recipes, or new products made from recycled cloth.
  • Make a list of the most important stakeholder groups to whom communication efforts should be targeted and list examples of relevant sustainability aspects for these stakeholders.
  • Consider office colleagues and kitchen professionals as important partners for implementing communication efforts and explaining sustainability achievements.
  • Be sure to map the different communication channels used (printed, digital, demonstrations, etc.).
  • Research important events, periods, and local or national campaigns which can be connected with the communication efforts during the calendar year.
  • Draw up a plan for a year’s communication efforts entailing seasonal, monthly, or weekly messages about sustainability issues. Assign a budget to the communication efforts.
  • Make sure that communication efforts targeted at important stakeholders as well as general public awareness campaigns are included in the annual plan.
  • Carry out the planned communication campaigns and collect feedback. Relevant criteria may include the number of respondents to a campaign, number of visitors to a stand at a fair, number of downloads made, etc.
  • Evaluate the communication campaigns held across the year and adapt next year’s plan accordingly.

More Issues To Consider

  • It is important to share even basic changes which have been implemented, such as the serving of healthier food.
  • Make sure that updates on sustainability achievements are shared in line with the organis ation’s overall communication strategy, and that the topics communicated are aligned.
  • Always base communication on facts and personal experiences. This builds trust in sustainability campaigns.
  • Be prepared to adapt the communication plan to exploit new opportunities which may arise; for example, the possibility of linking up with other institutions for joint events. .
  • Communication about sustainability efforts may also raise contradictory responses, as stakeholders perceive many aspects as sensitive.
  • Building and maintaining dialogues supports developments in sustainability communication.

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